Running RStudio Server on Amazon EC2

R is a great environment for statistical computing; I’ve used it in a number of projects. RStudio is hands-down the best IDE for R (there is even less debate here than there is about emacs being the best editor).

Predicting the Popularity of Bicycle Sharing Stations: An Accessibility-Based Approach

I presented a paper about modeling the popularity of bikesharing stations at the California Geographical Society 2014 annual meeting in Los Angeles. I calculated accessibility measures to jobs and residents using Census and OpenStreetMap data and the open-source OpenTripPlanner network analysis suite.

Identifying Patterns in Bikeshare Trip Making

Bay Area Bike Share has recently released their trip history data; the data file contains the origin station, end station, time and date, and user type (day-pass or subscriber) for all the trips taken on the system since its inauguration on August 29, 2013.

Overanalyzing Board Games: Network Analysis and Pandemic

The Pandemic board, 2nd ed. Copyright © 2012 Z-Man Games I like board games, and one of my favorites is Pandemic. The game consists of a board (pictured above) with a world map on it, with various cities highlighted, and a network between the cities.

Visual Correlation Matrices

Correlation matrices show up often in papers and anywhere data is being analyzed. They are useful because they succinctly summarize the observed relationships between a set of variables; this also makes them very good for exploratory data analysis.

Schelling's Segregation Model in JavaScript

Schelling’s segregation model is an interesting model of neighborhood dynamics developed by the economist Thomas C. Schelling. It’s an agent based model, in which agents of two groups (which could be based on income, political affiliation, race, &c.

Analyzing the Effects of Space and Time on Bikeshare Use

Bikeshare systems have been taking off in the US of late. One of the first of these systems, Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, has been in operation since 2010. The automated bikeshare stations generate a wealth of information; the start and end stations and times of each trip are recorded, and are available to the public in anonymous form.

Microaccessibility with OpenTripPlanner

Analysis of accessibility is generally undertaken in large regions, such as metropolitan areas or entire countries. Frequently it also uses macro temporal scales, as in before-and-after analysis. This analysis instead looks at micro scales, both spatial and temporal.

Jane Jacobs and Global Cities Presentation at the California Geographical Society

I gave a presentation on the connections between Jane Jacobs and Global Cities Theory at the California Geographical Society 2013 conference. The slides from the presentation are on the Publications page.

Organizing my Research

As a follow-up to my recent post about organizing my library, this post talks about the system I’ve come up with for organizing my research. I was starting a new research project, and I realized that writing my bibliography and managing my citations manually wasn’t going to be good enough.